Covid-19 security information

We have equipped ourselves with ozone machinery and sanitizers, which release high-level disinfectants into the air “medical and surgical device” for the sanitization of the rooms, in order to make the common areas and especially the rooms sterile, also certified for the crown.

We have made 13 points dedicated to hand hygiene with specific gels available to guests in the common areas

We have implemented the sanitation of the rooms with disinfectants registered by the ministry of health as “medical surgical device”

We trained all the staff who constantly equipped with gloves and masks, suggests and guarantees that the safety distances and all the anti-contagion rules are respected

We have revised the layout of the breakfast room to ensure adequate distances between guests.

Breakfast will also be served in the room on request. In the breakfast room we have set up a buffet with wind barriers and our waiters will be happy to serve you fresh products, while drinks and disposable products are self-service. In addition to the entrance to the room, hand gels are arranged on the tables.

We have made available, in the common areas and in the rooms, useful information for guests on the rules to be respected in order not to take any risk.

We provide the reception with free masks to those who request it.

The aquarosa spa and therefore all the water courses, massages and treatments are guaranteed in total safety and in compliance with current regulations.