By foot … to race

An invigorating run is what it takes to maintain your tone and mood high. Whether on the seashore or in the hills, you will always have before you a stunning landscape and a staff available for your every request. Enthusiasts, professionals or amateurs, will be presented in front of you a wonderful nature, including flowers, plants and sea

Bike Time

Bike Time

To all those who have a passion for biking (city or mountain bike), the Hotel offers the following services:

BICYCLES: the Hotel offers its guests the free use of city bicycles, but after booking you can speak with management to reserve and rent mountain bikes.

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND STORAGE: The Hotel can give you suggestions  on where to find the best maintenance services for the efficiency of your bike if you require emergency spare parts or minor repairs and products for cleaning and maintenance.

PROFESSIONAL MULTILINGUAL GUIDE: The  Hotel takes advantage of the valuable collaboration given by the bicyclist, Andrea Marchesini, who will know how to guide you through the most suggestive itineraries of the Riviera, according to routes selected based on your level of training and the number of participants. For more information, see the MountainbikeGuide page.

Tennis for all

If you wish to continue using your racket even during your holiday, Hotel Rosa offers you the use of the tennis courts at the nearby Hanbury Tennis Club  -

For you:

• for those who stay at least one week, one free hour on the court

• private lessons with qualified instructors, by appointment

• Special prices for tournament participants


If you wish to continue to use snowshoes while on vacation, the Hotel Rosa puts at your disposal fields near Hanbury Tennis Club.
For you:
• for those who stay at least a week ‘s time to free field
• about booking private lessons with qualified instructors
• special rates for participants in the International Veterans Tournament.

Sea ​​at 360 degrees


Boarding morning , out at sea , participation in the various fisheries around Gallinara Island , return at 11 € 60.00 per person . Great tasting fried fish on board € 20.00 per person

Water Ski , Wakeboard “snowboard water ” , water games : donut – banana boat – canoe doubles and singles. For info on prices and days please contact reception del’hotel

Diving Center , outputs with own equipment or ability to rent them on site . To facilitate the organization of your outing at sea , here is the cost and time to hire.


Open concord : 6 feet 5 people / equipment : chairs with cushions , ladder, Starting regulating motor with electric trim / rent from 21 years. 2 hours € 90 – € 120 4 hours – full day € 250.00 excluding Fuel

Open elan : evinrede motorized electric starter / scope 4 people / equipment : chairs, rent from 18 years. 2 hours € 70.00 – 4 hours € 100 – € 180 full day . Excluding Fuel

Bahia : max 3 persons / rent from 18 years. 20 min € 15-30 € 30 min – 60 min € 50


6/7 PEOPLE OPP Inflatables 8 seats
2 hours € 120.00
3 hours € 140.00
4 hours € 170.00
excluding fuel

WHALE WATCH : whale watching

Embarkation points , timetables and fares The starting point of the boat is the central pier of the new pier .

Departure Dates :
July 1 , 2, 4 , 8, 9 , 11, 15 , 16, 18 , 22 , 23, 25 , 29, 30
August 1 , 5, 6 , 8, 12 , 13, 15 , 19, 20 , 22, 26 , 27, 29
September 2 , 3, 5 , 9, 10 , 12, 16 , 17, 19 Departure time: 12:15 pm

Location Check-out: Laigueglia , new central pier wharf
Destination : Whale Watching
Present 30 minutes before scheduled departure . You can park your car in the parking fee in the vicinity of the center of Laigueglia.

Tickets Prices : Adults : € 30.00 Children 5-14 years : € 18.00 Children 0-4 years: Free


Nordic Walking

Sports born in Scandinavia Nordic Walking is as simple as the traditional walk , but through the use of special sticks allows you to train your upper body , resulting in better coordination and posture while walking. Involving 90% of the muscles , ligaments and joints , the NW is already physical and spiritual welfare through the development of a simple natural movement such as walking
Where: anywhere: in the plain, in the hills, the sea, the mountains, the lake …. in each case the outdoors
With Who: in the company of instructors during events organized
When : All year ; with the sun or the rain, the heat from the cold … more
Duration: about 90 minutes during our walks during the week ; from 3 to 5 hours in the Sunday trips
For more information on courses , or other courses please do not hesitate to contact us

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Adventure in Alassio

Back to the summer … discover the adventure! Come to find out Solleone Alassio , the adventure park “sea view” of Alassio ( locations Saint Bernard ) , a step away from the High Street and Green Bay Path of the Sun Open adventurers and explorers aged 5 years and over with trails divided based on age and level of training , the park promises unique experiences and exciting to all those who wish to compete with bridges, vertical networks , lianas , cable cars and rock walls ( artificial ) . If you are in search of adrenaline, but , more simply love being outdoors , you will find here a glimpse of Mediterranean coast of florida among the most : in the company of pines, olive trees, oaks and junipers can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful bays of Liguria stopping at rest areas with dedicated wifi or strolling through the extensive network of trails that extend up to Laigueglia. If we add the presence of mountain biking understand there’s something for everyone’s taste. Just equip themselves with a compass : With its 4000 square meters and its 28 stations Solleone is one of the biggest adventure parks in western Liguria … Failing that, no problem : driving is always present and the signs are not lacking!

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