Claudia, Rosanna, and grandma: generations at your service

Claudia, Rosanna … and grandma. Generations joined in the restaurant business in the sign of hospitality and wellness, with innovation, quality, and a placid style. «Ours is a big family – they say – come and see for yourself!»

We manage a Hotel to the best of its potential, expanding, embellishing, and enriching it with always innovative services, with care and personality, making those who stay here happy every season. This is the responsibility that Claudia and Rosanna Masoero inherited, fourth generation of an all-female restaurant business, raised among  concierge, hall, and hotel rooms … «This is our world, our large family –  explain Rosanna and Claudia – Whomever passes through here, from our staff to our guests, becomes part of it. Here, the atmosphere is playful and serene. Cheerfulness and serenity are values that for us are not obsolete.»  Entrepreneurs, wives, mothers but … above all, women – «With sensibility and attention, we try to satisfy everyone’s wishes. Having such a large family allows us to come into contact with different realities, experiences, and ages. This allows us to calibrate our services, always offering the best possible, from zero to … 100 years of age! We have 8 children ranging in age from 1 month to 15 years and many, many grandchildren. Our grandmother is not only present but  is the true backbone of everything we have built … Through their eyes (and their daily needs) we discover up to where we can push our experience, in order to offer comfort and exclusivity in an effective and timely manner. Our employees know that our objective is the smile of that person standing before you. We like to make those who choose us happy! In turn, it makes us happy. This confirms that it’s worth it. The confirmation that doing things well always satisfies, and we are very proud of this. In recent years, we have worked hard to expand the Hotel. The restaurant, spa, gym, salt cave, suites and two children’s play areas were created. The Hotel has even become a venue for events . A tried and true world on the seashore was born, which we renamed MondoRosa: a complex world, made to delight the palate, relax the limbs, entertain, and welcome anyone wishing to experience unique moments. Come visit us!».


Antonella, professionalism… in every language


Subtle and dynamic, Antonella welcomes guests at the reception desk, demonstrating a multilingual mastery that is unparalleled. Perfectionist and meticulous, she does not allow anything to be left to chance. This is because a sound organization and a careful observation of her surroundings gives her the right tools to be able offer colleagues and clients all the best of MondoRosa.

«I’ve been working at the Hotel Rosa for 14 years, and I think this is enough to help me understand how much I love my job and, in particular, this place. Probably due to the bond of trust that has formed with the owners, or  the friendship and respect that ties me to my colleagues or because of the relationship that I have developed with many guests. Perhaps seeing them come back every year, satisfied and happy to see us again, in turn, makes me happy and satisfied with the choice I made so many years ago when I decided to work here. At the time, only the Hotel existed, and Graziella ran it … with the grace her very name suggests. Then, the task  passed to her daughters … and the mood did not change, despite the services expanding. All of them have given me love and passion for this job. I was taught that nothing is overlooked, even the most obvious things, and that attention to detail really makes a difference. And then there’s Mrs. Alda, the owner of the Hotel, who at 93 still gets emotional when she says good-bye to a client. Seeing and listening to her  is a daily lesson that fills your heart. I love this job because it gives you the opportunity to always keep in touch with people … and make them happy from the first to the last day of their holiday.»


Alice, a welcoming reception just for you


Young and loved by children and adults of all ages, Alice is the “mother”  of many children who stay at the hotel and the daughter of many parents that  recognize in her  the kindness and light and funny friendliness of a mild-mannered girl with a contagious  smile … and a HUGE heart. You will find her at the concierge service. Go meet her. You’ll understand right off hand.

«Working here is pleasant, engaging, and comes natural. Because this is really like a big family! Everyone has their own responsibility, but we all aim at achieving one goal: client satisfaction! We are very close-knit, capable of transmitting to each other the love and passion for this job and this place that’s just a bit magical because magical are those who populate it: the owners watch over us and the clients, always friendly, personable, and  at your disposal. Fellow employees impart energy to the whole structure and the children, the many children, fill the air with sounds and colours. Then there’s Mrs. Alda, the granny of the house, always ready to keep everyone entertained with her  afternoon stories. Special moments appreciated by the young and old. In short, if you are in Alassio, come and visit us: you will be welcomed into a big family.»